Turn-Key Aquaponic Systems

From Concept to Reality

Our turn-key systems have been designed to be robust, durable, long lasting and extremely productive. The technology used in these patent pending production systems has been tested and PROVEN to work. We have multiple options depending on your skill level, market, location as well as the option to purchase a greenhouse for the production system. We can also install the system or greenhouse!

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Our Aquaponic Farming Systems are designed by Ryan Chatterson, who has taught students in over 30 countries and worked on thousands of Aquaponic, Aquaculture and hydroponic projects throughout his 16 year career. Using state of the art techniques and equipment, his methods and designs have been proven to grow produce and fish crops in every climate around the world!

Owning and operating his own aquaponics farm, Chatterson Farms, Ryan knows what works and what doesn’t. He has further refined his designs to be more efficient and productive than any other commercial turn-key system currently on the market. This increased efficiency, coupled with much lower prices than our competitors, offers our customers faster ROI and a much greater chance of achieving long term business success. Browse our Aquaponic Farming Systems or contact us for a custom design quote!

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Support from Start to Finish!

Further ensuring your success, all systems come with a Tutorial on How to Start and Operate the System, Startup Phone Support, Short Instructional Video Showing How to Construct the System Properly, 3D Drawings for Installation Purposes – we can also install the system for you!

Also Included in ALL Systems

  • Fish Culture Tanks with All Plumbing and Optional Acrylic Viewing Windows
  • DWC Raft Beds or Food Grade Liner for larger DWC Raft Beds
  • Filtration Systems
  • Mineralization System
  • Sump Tank
  • Quiet, Energy Efficient Water Pump
  • Commercial Air Blower
  • Polystyrene Rafts
  • Net Cups
  • Starter Rockwool Plugs
  • Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and Ph Test Kits for Initial Cycling
  • All Fittings, Plumbing, Airstones and Airline
Aquaponic Greenhouse Packages

We provide complete greenhouse packages for all models of our Turn-Key Aquaponic Systems. Each greenhouse is designed with maximum crop production, energy efficiency, bio-security and specific climate control considerations in mind.

Additional Tools for Success

Your Aquaponic Farming System is the cornerstone of your family farm! We also provide additional options you can add to your package to ensure you get off to a successful start, like “Ryan’s Favorites” starter seed package – a variety of Ryan’s favorite seeds to trial in your new Aquaponic System, Lighting Packages, Koi Fish Starter Packs, High Protein Fish Feed and more!

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Controlling the environment around your crops is crucial to successful year round production.