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This commercial aquaponic production system is robust, productive, easy to operate and efficiently designed using state of the art techniques and equipment that are currently being used in larger commercial aquaculture and aquaponic production systems around the world. We feel this is the perfect model for small farmers that are ready to start farming full time for a living by selling their product into the local market (if large enough) or by selling to a wholesale distributer. Designed to run 3 x 30’ x 120’ DWC greenhouses with a 30’ x 40’ footprint for the Fish House containing the Recirculating Aquaculture system (RAS) and Mineralization system. This increased efficiency coupled with much lower prices than our competitors offers our customers faster ROI and a much greater chance of achieving long term business success. Designed by a farmer, for farmers!

Grow a wide variety of crops from lettuces, herbs, and other delicious greens to Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers, Eggplant, Okra and just about any other crop you have the market for. We have tested HUNDREDS of varieties (see gallery) successfully in these systems and the only thing we can’t grow are large root/tuber crops as this system is based on Deep Water Culture methods and the water does not provide enough pressure to give proper root formation. Do you really want root crops too? No problem! We have listed “How to” information that is included in the startup manual so your possibilities are endless!

FREE Shipping within continental U.S. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery from time of purchase

Production Capabilities

Using a 4 x 4’ x 100’ Plant Trough Layout:

  • 3” Spacing: 34,800 Planting Sites Total, 603,084 Petite lettuces and herbs per year at a 3 week grow out
  • 6” Spacing: 30,000 Planting Sites Total, 360,000 mature lettuce plants per year
  • 8” Spacing: 16,200 Planting Sites Total, 194,400 mature lettuce plants per year
  • 4,500 lbs of tilapia per year

Using 2 x 8’ x 100’ and 1 x 4’ x 100’ Plant Trough Layout:

  • 3” Spacing- 43,500 Planting Sites Total, 251,333 Petite lettuces and herbs per year
  • 6” Spacing- 37,500 Planting Sites Total, 450,000 mature lettuce plants per year
  • 8” Spacing- 20,256 Planting Sites Total, 243,072 mature lettuce plants per year
  • 4,500 lbs of tilapia per year

What’s Included?

  • What is Included?
  • 4 X 1000 Gallon Fish Culture Tanks with All Plumbing and Optional Acrylic Viewing Windows
  • Food grade Liner for DWC Raft Beds – 12, 12’ x 106’ liners intended for 12, 4’ x 100’ troughs (other liner configurations available upon request)
  • 6 Seedling Tables and stands
  • 2 X Primary Solids Filters with Stands
  • 2 X Polishing Filters with Stands
  • 1 X Biofilter with Stand
  • 1 X Mineralization System
  • 1 X Sump Tank
  • 1 X Quiet, Energy Efficient Water Pump
  • 2 X Commercial Air Blowers
  • Polystyrene Rafts
  • Net Cups
  • Starter Rockwool Plugs
  • Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate and Ph Test Kits for Initial Cycling
  • All Fittings, Plumbing, Airstones and Airline
  • Short Instructional Video Showing How to Construct the System Properly
  • 3D Drawings for Installation Purposes
  • Short Tutorial on How to Start And Operate The System
  • Startup Phone Support

Additional Options for Purchase:

  • High Tunnel or Environmentally Controlled Greenhouse or Fish house: See Greenhouse Packages for pricing
  • Metal plant trough frame for cement floored structures: Call for pricing (depends on trough configuration)
  • Additional seedling/microgreen tables ($650per table/stand)
  • Acrylic fish tank viewing windows: $250 per window
  • Fish Feed: 50lbs, high protein feed $60
  • “Ryan’s Favorites” starter seed package: A wide variety of Ryan’s favorite seeds to trial in your new Aquaponic System- $120
  • Yearly Buffer Package: $4,000 (calcium, Potassium and Iron)
  • Continuous pH monitor and buffer dosing system: Keeps Ph precise and auto doses buffers- $350
  • Lighting Packages: Contact us for pricing as it will vary depending on the layout, crops chosen and available light
  • System Installation: Contact us for pricing as it depends on location and scope of project

What is not included in the base price that you need to provide?

  • Wood or metal to build the plant troughs (we do provide designs and estimated costs)
  • Fish Feed
  • Fish
  • Buffers – Iron, Cal and K – I will list what I suggest you use but there are many options
  • Installation
  • Power source
  • Seeds
  • Lighting
  • Greenhouses/Fish House

$84,000 FREE Shipping