Aquaponic Greenhouse Packages
Maximize Your Production
Controlling the environment around your crops is crucial to successful year round production. We have partnered with some of the best manufacturers in the industry to bring you the proper structure and controlled environment equipment necessary to make your farming business a long term success.
Bringing you the right structures at the right prices for successful Aquaponic production! We customize your Greenhouse Package based on your crop needs and climate.
In most cases we utilize a structure with corrugated polycarbonate sidewalls that are 10’ tall and an inflated double poly film roof. We customize the structures with exhaust fans, shutters, shading systems, cooling walls, heaters and other environmental controls depending on the crops that are going to be grown as well as the location of the farm to ensure you get everything you need for success while not wasting excessive money on things you may not need.
Please select your desired Greenhouse Package and farm specifications to get started!
Custom Structure 1
One 35’ X 96’ Greenhouse Structure, Film and Components with Associated 35’ X 24’ Fish House
Custom Structure 2
Two 35’ X 96’ Greenhouse Structures, Film and Components with Associated 35’ X 32’’ Fish House
Custom Structure 3
Three 35’ X 96’ Greenhouse Structures, Film and Components with Associated 35’ X 36’ Fish House
Other Custom Greenhouse Sizes Available Depending On Design!
4 Bay Greenhouse System
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Please submit the below Inquiry to begin customizing your Aquaponic Greenhouse Pacakage for your specific needs. This information is used to determine the size of the exhaust fans, type of greenhouse covering, percentage of shade cloth needed, heating requirements, lighting suggestions and overall structure choice. Please allow 48hrs for an accurate quote customized for your application.
Lettuce & Leafy GreensVining Crops – Tomatoes, Cucumbers, etc.Microgreens & Petit VegetablesOther